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Residential Tree Services in North New Jersey

At Moore’s Tree Services, we offer a wide range of tree services in northern NJ to help you care for the trees on your property. When you have healthy and well-pruned trees, your whole landscape benefits!


Some of the professional tree services that we offer include:


-Tree pruning - Tree pruning is the selective removal of branches from a tree. The tree professional doing the pruning always aims at removing unwanted branches, which improves the tree's structure and promotes healthy tree growth.


-Tree removal - We can remove a tree from your property in one of two ways: either direct or indirect. The direct method involves cutting or uprooting the tree's roots, whereas indirect tree removal can be through poisoning the tree so that it dries up. We can advise you of your options and what we believe is the best way to deal with unwanted, damaged or hazardous trees.


-Tree cabling - Tree cabling involves installing flexible steel cables around the tree branches to prevent damage caused by strong wind or the heavy weight of snow and ice buildup. 


-Stump grinding - Stump grinding is the removal of a tree stump without destroying the roots. 


Benefits of Tree Cabling


Once you notice that the branches of your trees are weak or cracking, don’t just wait for them to fall! Instead, let our tree care experts use tree cabling to make the tree stronger. You will know that your tree needs cabling when it visibly leans on one side, exaggerated swaying during heavy winds, cracked or sagging branches, and splitting on the branch junctions. 


Here are the benefits of tree cabling:


-Restores the structure of the tree

-Prevents possible tree damage

-Alleviates existing tree damage

-Supports weakened parts of the tree

-Reduces excessive branch motion


When Should You Remove a Tree From Your Property?


Trees make your home environment more beautiful, so it might be hard for you to make the decision to remove a tree from your property. However, sometimes the trees are diseased or damaged in such a way that they are hazardous, and removing them might be vital to preventing possible harm to other trees, your home or your family. 


There are a number of reasons why you may need to remove a tree from your property:


-If the tree has signs of infections, check your tree's leaves and trunk for any infections. Discolored, cracked, or misshapen leaves might be a sign of infection. If some of the wood is crumbly soft and has fungi, then it is probably time to remove the tree or at least get a professional opinion from an arborist.


-If the tree is not growing well, check out the tree's health compared to other trees around it. If the tree has thin leaves, weak branches, and stunted growth, you may need to call a tree professional to remove it.


Benefits of Tree Trimming Services


Trees do so much to add beauty to your environment, but only if they are well-maintained so they grow in the most beautiful and healthy way. Tree maintenance is essential, and a big part of that is tree trimming.


Tree trimming offers several benefits, such as:


-Improving trees' health - Trimming prevents overgrowth of branches. Overgrowth negatively affects the tree's health, and it might result in weaker branches or stunted growth.


-Improving trees' appearance - Failure to trim your trees can lead to misshapen branches. Trimming will enhance the shape of the tree and make it look more beautiful and manicured.


Benefits of Stump Grinding


When you decide to cut your tree, the question remains, what will you do with the stump? Stump grinding is the solution, and it comes with several benefits, including:


- A clean slate - when you cut a tree, the stump remains there, making your yard look ugly. When you grind the stump, the yard will remain clean, and you can start a new landscaping project.


-A safer place to play - A stump can be dangerous to kids and pets. Kids can easily fall on or trip over the stump and get injured. Grinding the stump will help keep your yard safe for your kids and pets as they play.


Trees are essential to the environment, for your well-being, and for your home’s curb appeal! Call Moore’s Tree Service for all your professional tree service needs in northern New Jersey. 


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